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How to Marry Filipina Girls and Where

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After you are engaged Filipina girls will want to decide where the wedding is going to take place and how the ceremony will be performed. Filipina girls get very excited when planning their weddings and more times than not will want to be married in the Philippines and again the United States. Here are some advantages that the Filipina girls acknowledge with they get married in the Philippines. Their families are able to attend the ceremony will leads to good faith with the parents.
Filipina girls feel that this is the right thing to do because it is the woman who is going to be leaving her country. The downside for Filipina girls when they wed in their own country is that their society is poor and she will not receive very many wedding presents. Another downside for the man is that the father of the bride is definitely not going to pay for the wedding. Filipinos are known to drink large amounts of alcohol and party for days so be prepared to supply enough party favors for the weekend!

Filipino girl's families will certainly put the groom through the old school rituals that are a custom at a Filipino wedding. When you get married in the United States it is easier to obtain a 'fianc‚e visa' than it will to get a spousal visa in the Philippines. The groom's family will be able to attend and you will not have to pay for every person who comes to your wedding. Some problems may arise on what type of church she wants to get married in but in most of the western countries this is not a problem.
Some couples that have a little bit of financial stability choose to have dual ceremonies. This is when the couple gets married in the Philippines and then returns to the groom's native country and gets married there as well. This enables both families to attend the wedding. But if you are in the Philippines it is wise to only get married with a ceremony and not legally so you can apply for a Fianc‚e visa in your home country.
Filipina girls many times want to have a religious ceremony - where they will be married in the eyes of God. Many Filipina women wish their whole life for large religious ceremonies in front of their families and take great joy in the preparation of the wedding.
The other option is a civil ceremony where you and your wife get married by civil servant - most often a judge. This is for those couples who do not have much family and who would rather save the money towards the first home or other necessities in their lives. With this type of wedding it does not require all the additional expenses that come with the other ceremonies.
Regardless of the situation, if Filipina girls are in love with the man they are going to marry it really does not matter to them what kind of wedding they have as long as the man is good to them.

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